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Choristoma is a rare benign tumour consisting of microscopically normal tissue derived from germ cell layers foreign to that body site. Choristomas are classified according to their type of tissue. They sometimes arise within the skin or oral cavity, and can also occur in internal organs. Dermoid cyst is made up of the components of epidermis ...

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Definition / general. Choristoma is a tumor-like mass consisting of normal cells in an abnormal location ( J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2012;24:110 ) Hamartoma is a tumor-like malformation composed of mature normal cells in usual location but as a disorganized mass.

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A choristoma is a developmental tumor-like growth of microscopically normal tissue in an abnormal location. The most common type of oral choristoma is composed of bone, cartilage, or both. Such lesions usually occur as nodular masses in the midline region, especially on the posterior dorsal tongue near the foramen cecum (almost 85% of cases).

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Choristoma. Choristomas, a form of heterotopia, are masses of normal tissues found in abnormal locations. In contrast to a neoplasm or tumor, the growth of a choristoma is normally regulated. It is different from a hamartoma. The two can be differentiated as follows: a hamartoma is disorganized overgrowth of tissues in their normal location (e ...

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A choristoma is simply a collection of microscopically normal cells or tissues in an abnormal location. This is different to a hamartoma which is derived only from local tissues. Examples include: adrenal choristoma ( myelolipoma) nasopharyngeal choristoma. facial nerve choristoma. optic nerve choristoma. trigeminal nerve choristoma.

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choristoma: [ kor″is-to´mah ] a mass of histologically normal tissue in an abnormal location.

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Phakomatous choristoma is a rare congenital lesion of the eyelid that can be clinically and/or histologically mistaken for a cyst, cutaneous adnexal neoplasm, or an ocular adnexal oncocytoma. Only 13 such cases have been previously described, mostly in the English language ophthalmic literature. Zim …

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What Is a Choristoma? Irritation from a dental bridge or dentures may cause a choristoma on the gums. Benign tumors known as choristomas are typically composed of normal tissue that develops and grows in an abnormal location. A choristoma might consist of some of the cells found in the surrounding tissue but mostly contains other cell types.

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It is different from choristoma, a closely related form of heterotopia. The two can be differentiated as follows: a hamartoma is an excess of normal tissue in a normal situation (e.g., a birthmark on the skin), while a choristoma is an excess of tissue in an abnormal situation (e.g., pancreatic tissue in the duodenum).